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A dynamic speaker in her own right, Telecia’s always leaves her  audience informed, empowered and entertained. She has been the keynote speaker and/or facilitator for several local community events and conferences, private healthcare practices and government agencies.


Stress Management-Cultivating Emotional Resilience for Sustainable Success,

Countering the Risk of Stress Related Diseases in a Stressful World

Empowerment-From Powerless to Powerful: Keys to Establishing Dynamic  and Effective Leadership at Home and Work

Purpose-Navigating the Process of Becoming Your True Who

Relationships- Building Bridges (Making the Right Connections for Success in Life),

Conflict Management,

Listening to Hear


Interactive Group Experience

An Enhanced Experience

Co-Learning:  These small co-learning sessions offer you an experience of relating on a deeper level with other like-minds. These session have proven to provide a powerful, safe environment that builds on the passion of every participant. They are also a great forum for exploring the relationship you have with the laws that influence and impact your success experiences.

Duration: 2 – 6 Hours Interactive Experience

Recommended For: Small to mid-size group participation – customized to fit your program.

Best Suited For: Breakout Sessions; Development Retreats; Special Interest Groups (spiritual, small business, helping professionals, collegiate development); Other Empowerment Initiative Groups.

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Home Study

Stress Management Home Study Course

  • Chronic stress is not something you can cure with a pill and call it a day. The best way to manage stress is to build a tool kit of holistic approach and coping strategies that you can draw upon any time life throws you a curve ball (which is not infrequent!) – and this is what you will get from this home study program. $19.99