Healing the Body

Massage Therapy uses a variety of techniques for the different needs of the body. Here are three general types of massages and their benefits:

  1. Stress Reduction, or Wellness Massage. Scientific evidence indicated that stress undermines you immune system. The definition of stress is your internal emotional and physical response to the outside world. When a car cuts you off or someone says something hurtful, your body responds in a fight-flight-freeze reaction. Adrenalin directs blood flow to your muscles and heart so that you are ready to fight, flee or freeze. A stress reduction massage has the ability to help you relax and release the tension from stressors of everyday life.

  2. Sports Massage. This type of touch is for both weekend and professional athletes. All athletes push their bodies, and many athletes get injured. Sports massage is both treatment and recovery massage. Sports massage is employed so that the athlete stays flexible and pain-free; and when injured, can get back to what he/she loves. Sports massage might include stretching, heat therapy, relaxation or deep-tissue massage, and the use of handheld tools or tape.

  3. Treatment massage. These are massage techniques for more localized symptoms such as chronic tightness, limited movement, sciatica, discomfort, numbness and pain. Your massage therapist will assess your needs as he addresses your body, and will often find other areas of your body that are aggravating your symptoms. Treatment massage usually needs to take place over several sessions to resolve or stabilize your condition. There is also evidence that suggests massage can be helpful for many chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, headaches and for patients pre-and post-surgery. If you have a medical condition, talk to your physician about adding massage therapy into your treatment regimen, and contact us to schedule your massage with one of our therapist that has advanced hands-on skills and education.

*Please call or email my massage practice with any questions or concerns*

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Raindrop Technique:

  • An application of 9 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils dripped along the spine, gently feathered in to realign the spine while potentially alleviating inflammation, bacteria and pain. This technique promotes the balancing and re-alignment of the energy centers of the body, re-alignment of the spine in a non-manipulative manner, reduction of stress and anxiety, reduction of inflammation in the body, relaxing of muscles, relief of pain, a creation of a hostile environment for viruses/bacteria, improvement of the circulation and immune system functions, emotional wellbeing and release, detoxification of systems and an increase body height. $95/session.

*Ask about onsite seated massage for your event*

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*Essential Oils available for purchase to privately enhance your own wellbeing*